I will NEVER co-sleep.. I said

“I will NEVER co-sleep”, “my baby will be in their own bed and if they cry then so be it”, “I don’t understand people who give in to their kids it’s their own fault they end up with babies in their beds”.That was me before I had Henry. If only I could have seen into the future to around 2am this morning after having stumbled between my bed and Henry’s cot like a deranged zombie trying to settle him 84 times. Of course I gave up and put him in bed with me. I made myself feel better about it by deciding he must be coming down with some terrible illness and he needed to sleep with me for comfort or he might not make it through the night – but really I just couldn’t get up again or my eyeballs would have fallen out and rolled across the room.

For the first few weeks after I got home with Henry I would wake immediately and bound out of bed to attend to the smallest cry, sneeze or loud breathing noises coming from the bassinet. But as time went on it got harder and harder – and now at four months in I lie in bed for ten minutes wishing my baby had a snooze alarm before I force myself to crawl across the floor to stick a dummy through the bars of the cot. Moral of the story is – do what works for you and your baby, and if you’re both alive and happy at the end of the day you’re winning.

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