Another day in paradise…

So this morning at 3am as I stumbled down the hallway toward Henry’s room feeling my way along the walls with my eyes still closed, using his ear splitting scream as a guide to find him in the dark – I thought to myself, “wow this is the life”. Finally made it to his bedroom, spent the better part of half an hour patting him on the butt so hard the whole cot shook with every slap, while trying to keep myself upright in between micro sleeps – and just before I tip toed out I thought it would be a good idea to re start his music so he didn’t wake up again. So I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, he’s snoring away quietly in the corner and I’ve gone for the quick tap on the iPad to start what I thought were soothing lullabies and by some sick twist of fate, something resembling old school Eminem with a base line on steroids starts blaring out – I kick my toe on the beside table in the rush to turn the volume down and in assessing the pain I’m thinking I’m going to need an amputation. Next minute old mate not only wakes up again and screams but proceeds to start dancing and fist pumping his dummy in the air to the beat. He looks me right in the eyes in the glow of the iPad still going on max volume and if he could talk I swear to god he would have been saying “epic fail mum”. Admitting defeat, I tucked him under my arm and marched back up the hallway, now very much awake and threw him in bed with me hoping for the best – and then spent the next hour having my eyelids peeled open, my neck skin pinched and a high pitched giggles echoing down my ear drums. Another day in paradise – what a time to be alive. 

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